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Drawings, no matter how simple, help to reach goals faster and better. 80% of all people think in images and use mental pictures to intuitively understand the world around them.

Drawings make it so much easier to understand concepts, share ideas with each other and to be strongly involved in what is happening.

Meetings become more productive, participation during group sessions rises to a higher level and corporate storytelling reaches a whole new dimension..



Seeing what you hear inspires and motivates to stretch your thoughts.

In busy times, it's difficult to really focus your full attention on something. A drawing limits distraction and gently forces you to come to the essence of things and see the big picture.

Drawings give people the opportunity to think from a different perspective and reach valuable conclusions. This makes every meeting, marketing message or group session that much more effective.



I work with simple shapes and strong lines.

What is most important for me, is to capture those key elements that evoke a sense of recognition.

In recent years I worked in content, communications and consultancy. That's how I learned to really listen, process information and to capture the essence of a conversation.

In 2013, I was introduced to graphic recording and changed course completely.

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During meetings, I draw what is being said, in words and images. I listen to the speakers and to the responses from attendees. At the same I filter, organize and translate it to a large size paper that is visible to everyone.

It's not about being a 'beautiful' drawing, but whether or not it helps to understand and remember. The images create a shared memory and help the group to connect.

Icons and metaphors trigger recognition of information and emotion. During the meeting and long after it has ended.



A video made of drawings is a powerful tool to promote or explain an organization, product or service. The viewer sees the images being built up. The tendency to follow the story that is being told, is irresistible.

An otherwise unremarkable story on a website, comes alive with a Videoscribe.

Impressive, effective and twice as likely to be shared.

Video: My story | Example videos



Involvement and commitment of participants in group sessions are a prerequisite for making progress.

By sketching the landscape in a visual way, it feels easier and more accessible for participants to join in and open up.

For example roadmaps and corporate visions that everyone can understand and represent more than just another memo.

Or unique templates that people can contribute to during group facilitation.



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