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My name is Birgit Smit, 37 years old, living in Uithoorn, NL. I used to work in content, communication and consultancy. That’s how I learned to really listen and capture the essence of a conversation.

In 2013 I was introduced to graphic recording and changed course completely. In the last 5 years I have been involved in many different events, projects and developments. No situation is the same, and that is the great thing about this. Every new collaboration allows me to dive deep into the subject and add value to it through my work.

Bringing clarity into the space, creating order, making visible of what is sometimes said literally, but also what emerges underneath.



While participants are not always 100% present with their thoughts, I am your 'dedicated listener' during the meeting. Depending on the purpose and my role, I stand next to, in front of or in the group and listen very focused for content and structure. My thinking process is shaped by systems thinking, theory U, presencing and storytelling.
Showing the essence in a drawing, how something works, what the elements are and how they relate to each other. That is the power of working visually. It feels close, tangible and is applicable in many forms.

It is not art. It is a tool. Purely functional. Sometimes looking special and attractive, other times a very rough and conceptual drawing. It all depends on the situation, context, the purpose.



People are natural image thinkers. This is how we find meaning in the world around us. And yet, when we want to express ourselves, people are typing page after page, having endless meetings and still we hope to understand each other. And in this complex world, that is a problem.

Work and life are full of challenges, from daily tasks to strategic decisions. Good communication is thé key for clear decision making. Working visually reinforces that and creates connection and engagement.

To see what we are talking about, working spatially instead of linearly. That makes all the difference. I experience it time and time again.

What I can do for you



During meetings, I visualize what I hear and what I experience. I listen. At the same I filter, organize and translate it visually to a large size paper or a screen.

I enjoy working in meaningful, well facilitated meetings and in temporary teams. It's not about creating a 'beautiful' drawing, but whether or not it helps people to understand and remember.

Insights and energy come together in one big drawing and increase the impact of your meeting, even long after it has ended.



A video made of drawings is a powerful tool to promote or explain an organization, product or service. The viewer sees the images being built up. The tendency to follow the story that is being told, is irresistible.

An otherwise unremarkable story on a website, comes alive with a Videoscribe and will engage the viewer deeply.

Impressive, effective and twice as likely to be shared.

Video: My story | Example videos



More and more people are discovering the power of visual language and visual communication. Less writing, more drawing! Do you want that too? Then join the functional drawing workshop. In 1 day you will get a real taste for working visually. You will learn how to handle every visual situation with joy and self confidence. You will leave with new found inspiration ánd the right set of markers so you can get started right away!

Find information about open workshops (only in Dutch) here. Or get in touch about in-company (teambuilding) workshops, customized to your needs.




Getting started with visual language or in search for more information? Take a look at the resources page filled with links to books, online sources and communities, tools and supplies I personally recommend. Enjoy!



2019 dates have been announced! If you are interested in working in a more visual way, you are welcome to join one of the open workshops 'Functional drawing'. Have fun, get inspired and become more confident in front of the paper. Learn more.



My ambassador kit is no longer available as a set. You can order the items separate: Outliner (BigOne, 2x No.One wedge nib, No.One round nib, FineOne, RefillOne), 6 x No.One wedge nib (200, 301, 401, 501, 703, 801), Artmarker (101) & PocketOne.





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